About Us

Want A Heat Pump is a Plumbing, Electrical & Refrigeration business based in Altona North and on the Mornington Peninsula. We have a sister company 'Want A Sparky who also operates from both these locations'.

Our focus is predominantly on hot water heat pump installations and energy efficient upgrades. Our aim is to supply and install products that are more efficient for the homeowner and better for the environment.

The outcome has been phenomenal, not only for the homeowner and the environment but for the growth of the business and the opportunities it now presents for local tradies that would like to be a part of a great environmental impact.

Our heat pump department has been installing hot water heat pumps for the last 2 years and our team have successfully installed over  1600 systems, replacing existing gas or inefficient electric systems. Want A Heat Pump has a strong supply network to ensure that client orders are met in a timely manner.

The director of Want A Heat Pump, Trent Jones, has been in the electrical field for over 17 years. He started an electrical company - Want A Sparky in 2013 from the back room of his house in Mornington with just himself and his wife doing the books. Since then, Want A Sparky has grown to 25 full time team members. Trent attributes this growth to the supportive business culture that has resulted in excellent employee retention.

Trent created another company in 2021, called Want A Heat Pump. With the sustainable intention to bulk replace and upgrade existing gas/electric HWS to heat pumps, this business has grown to a second branch in Altona North. The purpose is to support working further away from Mornington and to move into regional areas that do not always have connections to reliable installers. As the knowledge of his plumbers and electricians grew, he created All Electric Homes to combat full electrification and provide a total turn key solution.

Meet The Team

"Culture is what enables teams of people to defy the odds and achieve the remarkable"

Trent Jones Director/Project Manager 

Born and raised on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, Trent is a true local who likes to support other businesses with similar ethos.

Jai Jones Director/Accounts Manager 
Jai is our skillful accounts manager. She is full of knowledge having completed two years of her electrical apprenticeship before starting her young family. 
Josh Jones  2IC/Project Manager 

Josh is our resident second in charge for our ever growing team. 

Peter Philp  Estimator/Senior Eelctrican 

Ross Jones  Warehouse/Systems Manager 
The man behind keeping our factory and products organised and stocked. With over 20 years in the electrical wholesaling industry his knowledge and skill set is second to none. 
Alison Jenkins Real Estate Compliance Administrator

Sarah Jones  Administration

Adam Watson  Senior Electrician

Armed with a plethora of knowledge behind him, Adam has been a core team member at Want a Sparky since its inception. 

Brandon Kersting Electrician 
Matt Jones Electrician 

Paul Carrol Electrician 

Lauren Martin Electrician/Real Estate Compliance 

Wayne New Plumber/Real Estate Compliance 

Josh Abbott Apprentice Electrician

Jack Ashman Apprentice Electrician