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We work with authorised retailers and provide hot water upgrades to both residential and commercial sectors through the Victorian Energy Upgrade Program. 

Victorian households are eligible to have their electric and gas hot water systems upgraded to an energy efficient hot water heat pump. Thanks to the Victorian Energy Upgrade program, we can now offer rebates for the supply and installation of your new hot water heat pump, saving hundreds in long term costs.

Save money on your energy bills & take advantage of Government Rebates by installing Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning  

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning, besides being energy-efficient, also help reduce carbon emissions and offer long-term saving options to homeowners and property owners.

We have a dedicated team of rebate specialists, who will ensure you get every rebate possible. They take out the confusion and the follow-up so you don't have to. All you pay is the after rebate amount!

Want A Heat Pump has a team of experienced installers who specialise in providing heating and cooling options. We supply and install within residential and commercial sectors across Melbourne. Our cost-effective solutions are designed for ease of use. They are equipped with the latest features, allowing the users comfortable all year round.

Three steps to receive your
new Split System 


1. Register

Give us a call or fill in the enquiry form below to see what rebates are on offer.


2. Confirm

Once you complete the registration process, one of our team members will get in touch to confirm your eligibility.


3. Install

We will schedule the installation with you on a suitable time and day.


Why go for a Split System?

Cost Savings: Reverse cycle air conditioners, which include many split systems, are highly cost-effective for both heating and cooling. They provide significant savings compared to gas heating, especially when the efficiency of energy usage is considered. Over time, the cost advantage of air conditioners increases as they tend to become more efficient with advancements in technology

Efficiency: Split system air conditioners are particularly efficient in their energy use. For every kilowatt of electricity consumed, they produce more heat compared to gas heaters. This efficiency not only reduces running costs but also minimizes energy waste.

Environmental Impact: Air conditioners, especially those using reverse cycle technology, have a lower environmental impact than traditional gas heating. They contribute to reduced greenhouse gas emissions by utilizing electricity, which can be sourced from renewable resources. This is in contrast to gas heaters, which rely on burning fossil fuels and emit pollutants as a result.

Want to know?

Get ready to upgrade your home or office by installing energy-efficient appliances. Save more and do more by installing a custom hot water system.


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