Supply only:       $4,600.00 AUD



Supply & Installation (existing electric upgrade)
Starting From $3490 inc after claiming STC, VEEC and Hot Water rebate

  • disconnect and decommission existing electric hot water service
  • prepare same area for new electric heat pump
  • supply & install a new Reclaim REHP-CO2-160GL Heat Pump on concrete base
  • no major alterations to existing plumbing
  • wire and install power point/isolator as required
  • remove old unit from site
  • test for correct operation
  • certificate of compliance and electrical safety supplied

Please note:

- TPR & condensation drain will be plumbed to the closest legal discharge point, if you require it to be plumbed to a specific discharge point please advise and we can adjust quote.
- STC & VEEC rebate has been applied

10 Year Warranty

Supply Only
Starting From $3675 inc after claiming STC rebates

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